Student exchange programs, both foreign and domestic, provide college and university students with opportunities that they simply could not get anywhere else. Whether students want to travel in order to earn credits, broaden their horizons or experience a new culture, there are plenty of benefits to be had. It’s true that being exchanged student gain a plenty of benefits, but most of them don’t know about the dark-side of an exchange programs. I’m 20 years old, being an exchange students at Canada when I was grade10. I was an ER (early return) student, I stayed in Canada for 4 months in spite of 10 months. Anyone thinks that I did something seriously bad but I’ll tell you my story.

When I was 15, I won a scholarship and being an exchange student. I quite sure that it would be a best time of my life since I was in the most famous program. The journal has begin in September 2010, I flew from Suvarnabhumi airport and transfer at England to Canada. When I’m at Canada, I feel so excited to be in the place I’ve never been before. In first month, it’s so hard to me to communicate with each other because I live in Quebec, Canada which is the province that used French language as their first language to communicate, and also in school I felt that foreign people is not the same as Thai people since foreign people are somehow not friendly as Thai people, so I need to do something in order to attract them and to be my friend. A life went on and then the unexpected thing happened, after one month that I spent in Canada, an exchange program’s employees came to my house and then gave me the agreement. The agreement stated that I was addicted to mobile phone, don’t have an effort in speaking French. I was so shocked since it was only one month and they wanted me to speak French fluently, then they said that I needed to sign to accept that agreement or they will send me back to Thailand, I tried to message to my parents but surprisingly they took my phone and said that I needed to sign the agreement alone, I was in fear since the agreement was both wrote in English and French and I was only 15 and I need to sign the agreement alone, so I signed it without any choices.

After that hard life goes on and then an exchange program called to me and told me that they will send me back to Thailand for the same reasons above, they said that I violated the agreement that I signed. I was drowned in tears since I stayed for 4 months right at that time and my life began to be a good time. Then I returned to Thailand and found out that an exchange program that I attended in Thai and Canada were having problems each other, so Canada’s exchange program used me as a tool to show their power to Thai’s exchange program. My story is more complicated and have a lot more information in it, writing may not be enough, anyone who wants to know my story needs to come and talk to me face to face because the story is so complicated than I interviewed to you. Lastly, I want to tell that it is an experience that you’ll never find it in your life, even though my experiences was a bad experiences but I think it makes me stronger to be in the real world.


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I’m a 3rd year student from the faculty of communication and arts management Chulalongkorn University. I’ve been with my boyfriend for like… 2 years already. We met at a friend’s graduation, I remembered seeing this cute guy walking along with a bunch of lame-looking friends, and I thought “ Yeah he’s nice but he ain’t cool enough for me to make a move”. I’m not trying to be rude, those were my actual thoughts back then *laughs*. Then he added me via Line, I was a bit surprised, a bit happy, also a little nervous knowing that this guy is in the entertainmen
t field. Despite all that, we haven’t stopped talking since that day.

As i said, he is already in the entertainment field since I knew him, well.. at first he was only a singer. Then he had this part in the famous teenage series, big time, being the manly homosexual friend that happened to have feelings for his own friend *laughs*, scary isn’t it? He got many Thai & international fans from this series, also starting to be more recognisable for the Thai fans from his other dramas. His manager once told him to be careful about the fans knowing that he got a girlfriend, which is me by the way, I have to admit that I wasn’t very satisfied about having other people playing roles in me and my boyfriend’s relationship. I tried hard to understand. Hard work pays off, after thinking very carefully about this issue I then came to a conclusion that this is the consequences of having a “Dara” boyfriend, and there is no other way than to live with it. The only problem is “how” to“happily” live with it.

The answer is simple. If you want be happy then you shall never “overthink” and have “trust” in your partner. Being an actor in Thailand, first thing first the fans love partnering Koo-Jin; the one the fans think will best suits their idol (doesn’t have to be his/her actual partner), for example. If you overthink then it will ruin your relationship. Next, trust is vital. This is the hardest part, you will have to separate your partner’s personal and work life from each other. Sometimes my boyfriend has to go work abroad, not seeing him for weeks and months could lead to many negative thoughts but because I trusted him that’s why it sill works. Also, my boyfriend has love scenes with other women, I don’t know how many times, how many girls he’ve kissed, I don’t really care. In front of the camera he is working, he is playing the role he got. It’s all about work, no feelings included. Behind the camera is what matters. That is the person I care about, that’s my boyfriend.

Every relationship has problems. Like they said, it is like a house, when a light bulb burns out you do not go and buy a new house, you fix the light bulb and live in the same old house. I’m definitely okay with my boyfriend not expressing his love for me through the social due to his works because I truly understand it. The only thing I can do is to not give him hard times. I try to understand him and his career as much as I could. If he make mistakes, it is okay to overlook some issue because people make mistakes all the time. When he says sorry, I sometimes forgive him without even asking for further information, I hate it when girls try to be detectives instead of girlfriends. The only thing matters is you have to answer yourself “Do you still want this person in your life?”, your answer will define what to do next. I think understanding and forgiving are necessary requirements in loving someone.




I’m 28 years old, half-Germany, a professional skateboarder in Thailand. I’ve been skating for 19 years. The reason I start skating because my dad bought me a first skateboard as a birthday gift when I was 9 years old. I keep skating around my house and since then I fall in love with the skateboard. I really like a skateboard because I love the feeling when skating is really different with the other sports, and I feel like skateboard can turn like the city that you live into the big playground, you look at the city, you look at everything different from regular people. Every when I go out, I see the stair, sidewalk and everything, I feel like I want to skate that, that’s amazing. Some people ask me “Have you ever tired or discourage?”, I tell them the things that I learn from skateboard is “NEVER GIVE UP” just keep doing what you love and if you having fun doing it so just don’t give up and keep doing your things. It doesn’t matter if you are a skateboarder or anything, if you work on something hard, you really want to make it so just keep doing it and one day you will be success.

Right now, I ride for Billabong Asia, Converse Cons Asia, and also ride for Preduce Skateboards. Preduce Skateboards is like the biggest skateboards company in Southeast Asia, start in 2005. Before we start, we just like a friends who skate together and we decided to start something happened in Thailand, I mean we try to build a skateboards seen out here. We start from the filming around like go out in the street and skate some good tricks. Start filming, editing video, and post it on youtube. When the Asia people see the video and they really like it, they support us, they order us some skateboard, T-shirt and then we become one of the biggest skateboards shops in Southeast Asia. Now we have a shop online at and we have shop at Siam Square which is the biggest shopping center in Thailand.


Skateboarding will be in Olympic in 2020 at Japan. For me, I feel like skateboard is not 100% sport or extreme sport, it kind of an art and skateboard is like freestyle, you can do whatever you want on skateboarding not just a hard trick, they have a long-board, cruiser board, many different kind of board. For me, I think it good that people gonna see skateboarding in Olympic and many countries who never know a skateboarding will know, the Olympic will be exploring skateboarding for sure, but sometimes I afraid that the new generation gonna try to do only the hard trick, they not gonna look at skateboard like activity for having fun or learn some freestyle trick anymore. I’m afraid that Olympic will set a standard of the skateboard. I feel like everybody can have fun and enjoyed that doesn’t matter how good you are, you still can competition yourself that’s the most important things for skateboarding. Hopefully, the kid will know more about skateboard and it’s a good thing for sure, I’m not against the Olympic or anything.

My dreams is to represent skateboarding in Southeast Asia and many country. With opportunity that I get from sponsor, I would like to give back to the community, to the little kid or the people who never known about skating before. I would like to represent skateboarding, do everything that I can to make a people or the kids know more about skateboarding, and try to be a role model for them.


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I chose this path because I felt like it is one of the things I do best. I have to admit I was an imaginative boy, full of thoughts and ideas in my head. I created every possible scenarios in my head during the on going days. However, those ideas were never put into actions, they were just mirages passing by. By the time that I graduated high school, I was 19, having the least idea of what I was about to get myself into. I wasn’t ready to choose the path that my parents say would dictate my potential four years. I knew I liked to imagine, do something beyond the reality but not what I was really meant to do. I decided to take a questionnaire for faculty evaluation – I got Communication Arts. After taking several classes, I knew what I loved. It was the first time I felt like all the imaginations and creativities I had running in my head since I was little came practical in life. I enjoyed university life at its best, academically and leisure.

After I graduated, I became a camera-man filming the behind the scene of movies and tv series for a company. I worked there for several years and decided to quit, became a freelancer. I joined a company and became the youngest director in the field. Being a director forces me to be the center of 60 other lives that are older than me. The hardest part is the contrast between my age and my work hierarchy.  I am the youngest among all the crews, but at the rank where everybody has to obey and listen to my decisions. I had thrive myself into understanding how to talk and communicate to people humbly, which i found it a great opportunity because I got to meet a lot of great people in this field. I’ve learnt how to communicate to make people listen, not just because I’m a director, but to make them truly respect my aspects and understand my working method, and my ideas. The most important thing is to get the crews to be with me, I can’t work alone in this field, I need to get those people to help in order to be successful. It’s hard to make the people who works behind the scene to feel like this is their own work, that they are a part of it, not just helping the director, because even though they got their names on the credit, but nobody would recognise them. As a director, it’s my job to deliver those feelings to them, they will have to be working together with me and the rest of the crew for a long period, for example, shooting a particular series normally takes at least a year, that’s my challenge on how to pull people together for such time. To be honest, I don’t think money is the main issue for people working in this field, I enjoyed the fun in this career, that’s why when it comes the recruiting part, I will always pick the members that I feel comfortable working with.

One of my working experiences, which gave me a huge lesson on choosing the crew, was while ago when we were shooting a TV series, the actors and actresses were nothing to be concerned about, but the crew was absolutely unprofessional. By “unprofessional” I mean people who uses their emotions above anything else. It was really hard working with such emotional people, it slowed down the whole working process. I tried thinking in a positive way, I tried not mind their personalities, but only focused on their work, but the outcome wasn’t something I expected; their work wasn’t good as well. Fortunately, the series was successful, but it was extremely tiring for the rest of the crews. Because what we do is not in front of the camera, it is not filmed or recorded, but for me, the struggles that occurred during the shooting is nothing compared to the happiness I got from this job. Therefore, I think the most important thing in work, not just in this particular field, but in every field, is to enjoy it, to find even a slight joy in it, because working without happiness is no good for anyone.



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Working and living in the media industry both in front and behind the camera isn’t as simple as everyone believes it is. There are countless number of obstacles they have to overcome. There are problems arising every single day, every morning, every phone call, every step, and every path you choose to walk. Working in the media field forces you to meet strangers everyday without knowing their true intentions. People wear masks in this arena. They disguise themselves behind the smile they wear every second. The following blogs will reveal you the truth behind these masks. What these people have to confront in their daily lives. Private interviews will be taken place and recorded into these blogs. However, to remain the privacy of these talented individuals, I would remain their identity anonymous.

The first person I chose to interview is a young rising actor. He had starred in two television series and one upcoming movie. After the series was released in the beginning of 2016, he had become successfully prominent in media industry. The over-night life changing story of his life will be told to you.


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” I joined the media industry because of the actor/actress scouting when I was 16 at my school. I was chosen to go casting for a movie and I was selected. It was my first time stepping two feet in the field. It was a life changing experience for me. First, I had to re-manage my daily agenda. Balancing the time between work and going to school is not simple. I have to go to class from 8AM-4PM, Monday-Friday. Along with work and activities I have to attend after class. These years had been intensely tough for me. I have to admit that my biggest barrier to managing my schedule is that I am addicted to my friends. I just hope that people understand me because I am just an ordinary teenager internally.”

” Externally, people think that I am an adult. I get all these pressure from everyone around me. To an extent I think it is too much for a 16 year old boy to be confronting all this. Initially, I thought being a celebrity was simple, easy money, easy fame, easy life. I was completely wrong. It is one of the most difficult jobs I believe a person could be. I begin to adjust myself to fit in the space provided. I have to admit that I am enjoying and getting better at who I am. Being a celebrity has allowed me to understand myself even more. However,  I know the causes I have to pay living in the field. One of the biggest things I have lost is privacy.”

“I actually am a bashful person. Standing at this point, where ever I go anywhere, people would stare at me or ask me for photos. This is the most impacting daily difficulty I have to challenge myself with. To a certain extent, taking photos with the celebrity you like is comprehensible. However, sometimes I feel like it is too overwhelming when people have no manner. I am going to be frank about this problem. From time to times, people would ask for photos without the concern of the situation or the surrounding I am in. For example, I am in the middle of dinner with my parents, or I am in a rush to go somewhere, I still can’t deny the request they asked.”


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“However, comparing the weight between the two momentums, the gaining is more than losing. I receive fame, money, and love, which I believe are the essential needs every human being asks for. Fan clubs are the best gift I get working here. Can you believe the support a person can give to another? Can you imagine loving someone so much without wanting anything in return? They give me all their support and time in exchange with seeing my smile. I can’t thank them enough for all the love they gave me. They are one of the biggest factors to the reason why I am still standing here.”